Sunday, January 29, 2017

Musings from The Mountain House

Much has happened since I last posted here on my blog.
We sold Rhodeside, our home in Costa Rica, in May of 2016.  It is worth noting that we were both ready to leave Costa Rica. This plays out in life much differently for my husband and myself and I suppose that is the topic of my post this morning. 
Edmund said he was ready. He talked about it for two years before the day that he finally said, "Ok Gwen, I am done with Costa Rica and want to go home to the United States of America."  He doesn't seem to "attach" so much emotion to the place as I do. Even though he worked day in and day out for 17 years on our property. His name, Edmund, means protector of property! quite fitting I would say. And a fine job he did of it as well.  He loved it while he was there. In a sense, he is more in the moment than I am. He is always looking forward...what comes next? I used to catch him looking at planes as they flew over head...he would say to me..." sometimes I just want to be on one...going somewhere else...seeing the world."
He explained all the necessary information regarding the water lines, tanks and pump house to our neighbors who would now be in charge. He paid all the bills. Did all the necessary things to accomplish the legalities of the sale. Then like the cowboy he is, saddled up his horse Rain and took a  long, farewell ride on her up the mountain and down into the pasture lands watching the sunset on horseback on last time.  The next day we went for a long ride together on Lucky and Rain. In fact we rode every morning that week racing around the pastures and mountainsides having the time of our lives on horseback before we left Rhodeside. He walked the line of the property. He walked up the ridge at sunset having private time with his emotions as he is want to do. He experienced the sad emotions of leaving some of his long time Costa Rican "Tico" friends when they came to say Adios...those last hugs were heart wrenching for me to watch as he let them know he would forever be grateful for their friendships.  The last morning he put our luggage in the car and one last time called out to me "Come on girl...get your shoes and socks on! and 'git in the truck' off we went...a bittersweet ending...Edmund smiling and winking at me... Ciao Costa Rica! Hello USA! 
I had packed 8 suitcases and in the course of two trips to Philadelphia from Costa Rica during that spring had everything we wanted ready, knowing we could buy what we didn't have and might need in the USA, the rest we donated to the needy in surrounding communities or left for the new owners of our home.
Leaving my dear, faithful horse, Lucky was quite heartbreaking.  Edmund always tries to tell me that Lucky just loved me because I fed him...but it is much more than that...he knows me. He trusts me. Raising him from birth, no matter how much time goes by between our visits, he knows my voice and comes immediately. Lucky nudges his nose into the crease of my neck and shoulders and licks my face and my shoulder...he lets me wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him...he licks my arms (i know he loves the salt he finds there) and I always bring his favorite snack,  cut up watermelon. I gave Lucky to our horse coach, Mel who has always coveted my noble horse. He loves him almost as much as I do. 
The heaviness in my heart that morning was not just leaving Lucky, we were leaving the place I had worked tirelessly along side of my husband for 11 years encouraging beautiful gardens from the earth, fruit from our trees, flowers and plants to transform our property, eggs from our chickens, some neighbors into friends and a retreat for weary travelers. 
Do not get me wrong. I really wanted to leave Costa Rica. It was beautiful but so isolating.  Being closer to family, grandchildren and friends was our goal and a move to the US was just the ticket to accomplishing that goal. So here we our Mountain House, as my grandson dubbed it, in Divide, Colorado...where I wrote this post looking out my window at Pikes Peak.