Thursday, January 13, 2011

Peace of Mind or piece of mind?

 There are many reasons for this kind of harried attitude. The business of life is overwhelming. We forget how necessary it is to have recreation in our lives. Recreation doesn't mean that you have to go somewhere or have a planned activity. It can be a quiet day at home. Planned inactivity at home.  Just let it evolve.
If we do not take the time to stop, look and listen we will use up our energy reserve. We will have nothing to give. We will miss all the magic moments that fill our days with out our notice.
We need that reserve tank filled. We have to drink a lot of water, eat right, get plenty of sleep. This will help in the process of regenerating our reserves.  This reserve tank holds our inspiration. It breathes life back into our weary souls. Figure out ways to replenish your reserve tank.
There are so many ways to do this. Make time in your day for the peaceful enjoyment of your quiet moments. Read a book, go for a walk each day. Write in your journal. Take in a weekly yoga class. Go fishing. Watch the birds outside. Lay outside in the sunshine. Watch the clouds float by. Watch the fireflies and stars. Work in your garden. So do something that restores your energy bank.
I live a few minutes from the beach.  The ocean is my constant reminder. It is the soundtrack to my life.  It is powerful.  If I listen to the ocean I will not miss the opportunity to be completely present.  Quietly sitting on the beach mesmerized by the waves as they wash upon the shoreline I find peace. The warmth of the sand, sun, salty air, cool water all combine with the sound of the ocean  as it works to restore my soul.