Monday, November 22, 2010


Six years ago when I seriously began writing, my first grandaughter, Lara Olivia Perry was due. I flew to the west coast hoping to get there in time for her birth but was a few hours to late. No worries I was there for day one. I got up each night with Chandra and Lara so that after nursing, her mama could go back to sleep. Lara and I spent many a late night those first three weeks, walking around in the dark, whispering about all the adventures she would have growing up or rocking in the slider as I sang her to sleep. Then, taking her into my bed we would sleep until she woke again for another nursing.  I loved this special time with Chandra and Lara.
It was the beginning of a new chapter in my life where I could be the kind of mother/grandmother I always wished my children could have had when they were little. My mother died in childbirth having me. My two maiden Aunts Joyce and Doreen were the closest thing to a grandmother that my children had around them growing up. They were amazing and so loving to my children. They are well loved to this day. However, it is not the same as having a mother who knows what it is like to be a mother, around you when you become a mother. It is different.

As far back as I can remember I wanted to be called GRAN when I reached that delightful time of my life.  When the time finally came I told my kids that I wanted them to teach Lara to call me Gran. My son in law Hilton, who loves to joke and entertain us all in some fashion or other all the time, started calling me Old Gran.  Actually, I am the younger of the two grandmothers these children have, by 12 yrs! Lara would laugh at her papa, copying his tone and would try calling me Old Gran, only she said "ole" instead of old and it stuck so now I am Ole Gran. Its cute.
Lara nicknamed herself Lamilu a couple of years back and many of us often shorten it and call her Lami. I liked it so well that I used it for my email  Now Taelyn McKenna Rae has joined the ranks and calls me Ole Gran as well. Being a grandmother rocks.
I have to my way of thinking, 7 children Chandra (32), Ben (31) , Michael (29), Brittany (27), Brooke (24), Deborah (22)and Anthony (20) a foster child we had for almost three years. Luckily we are still in contact and he is coming to visit us this year in Costa Rica.
I am happily married to Edmund Rhodes. He has two daughters Eliza and Ashley who has one son, Liam.  The past few months we've been travelling around the country-side visiting various families and enjoying our kids and grand kids.
Now we are back in Costa Rica. We own and operate Rhodeside Bed & Breakfast  and Espresso Cafe ( on the west coast of the Nicoya Peninsula. We love it there.

The parrots outside are chattering at the magpie jays who are nattering at them as well. My Ani bird is quietly perched on the railing watching me. I call it my Ani bird because over the last year or so it has taken a shine to me. It flies onto our porch early each morning standing at my screen door singing to me until I get out of bed, then it cocks its head to one side and flies away as I head into the bathroom. This is how I start most mornings here in Costa Rica.
So that is my start!
Lami's Ole Gran