Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Sometimes I find myself suddenly awake in the middle of the night. I can't figure out why. Lately, I have been laying quietly in my bed listening to the surrounding sounds outside our bedroom screendoor. I know you are thinking screen door in November right? Well we are at our place in Costa Rica right now. Most of our days are spent outside and every night we fall asleep to the sounds wafting up from the pastures around us and the oceans constant crashing on the rocks at Bejuco Beach.
Last night though I was sure that someone was walking around outside.  Quietly opening the sliding screen door, not wanting to waken my husband incase there wasn't someone there, I walked to railing and peered over. There below me was an armadillo snuffing around in the dirt below. When they walk around it does sound as if someone/human is walking around. It heard me I guess, looked up and went about its business finding insects in the holes he was making in my garden below. Ok, no worries it can't climb up stairs,well at least I think it can't. I will have to find out.
The sun came out this morning casting its golden glow on our pastures. If you look down from the terrace to the property below, you can see the morning mist as it lifts and the golden glow of sunshine that replaces the mist. The sunshine covers the tips of the pastures trees and shimmers in the balmy waves of air that hover in the morning over our pastures as the glow floats up the mountain side of our property. When the grandchildren are here this is what I hear each morning as they suggle into bed with me..."Gran! Gran! its almost the golden hour hurry so we don't miss it."
Then they run to get their little purple plastic chairs and we sit and watch the change from dusky cool dawn to sunlight early morning. I miss those little ones in the morning. Another day in paradise begins.